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Reflexology by Marie Gale in Northampton

A warm welcome greets you at Anchor Reflexology Northampton.
Helping you to de-stress and revitalise.

Anchor Reflexology is run by Marie Gale a fully qualified reflexologist based in Northampton.
Providing cosy reflexology treatments in in Milton Malsor (close to Northampton and Towcester).
Mobile appointments also available - please contact me to arrange.

Reflexology can support you through any time and stage in your life.

Whether you are:
- experiencing problems with your physical health
- experiencing personal worries such as fertility problems
- facing emotional challenges such as anxiety or stress
- wanting to spend more time looking after yourself and your wellbeing
- wanting to take some time to relax.

Maternity Reflexology is also available throughout for pregnancy.

What I Offer:


Reflexology for women’s health and wellbeing.
For example this could be hormonal, PMT problems, menopause or peri menopause, anxiety, problems with sleep or fertility problems.

Maternity reflexology in Northampton and Towcester, either in my treatment room in Milton Malsor or I can come to you.

Baby Reflexology
I run Tiny Toes classes for mums and babies, a unique combination of baby reflexology with baby massage.
Private classes for groups of friends or 1-1 sessions are also available. Please email me to arrange.

These techniques can also be used on children of any age, I am more than happy to treat children of any age, either in the comfort of their own surroundings or in my treatment room.

New Mum and Baby Reflexology
Take some time out for relaxing and bonding. This session combines a 1-1 tiny toes session and treatment for baby and a treatment for mum too.

Corporate Reflexology for businesses.
I can come to local workplaces to give full or taster treatments, as part of a wellbeing day or to boost morale.

Reflexology can help to:

  • Relax the body and mind
  • Improve sleep
  • Reduce tension
  • Improve mood
  • Increase energy levels

    There are also many other benefits that have been reported.

  • During the treatment you will be made comfortable and cosy in my reclining chair, you will only need to take off your shoes and socks.

    If it is your first treatment a full consultation about your health and wellbeing will be taken, therefore, please allow extra time.

    Reflexology is suitable for everyone, but there are some conditions that I am unable to treat. For more information see the Treatments section.

    A 50 minute treatment is £35.

    People come to me for reflexology:

  • During times of stress or anxiety
  • When going through an emotional time or feeling low in mood
  • To focus on wellbeing
  • To take time out to relax
  • For a specific health condition or illness

  • Through my extensive Level 3 training I am able to use a variety of different and advanced techniques.

    My further specialist reflexologist training includes maternity reflexology and baby reflexology.
    Maternity, women’s health and stress are all areas of interest for me.

    My background includes nursing in an intensive care environment and teaching baby first aid to parents, which you can read more about in the about me section.

    Thank you for visiting my website.
    Contact me to book an appointment here
    I hope to meet you soon!

    Anchor Reflexology
    Qualified Reflexologist Northampton and Towcester

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    Latest Blogs

    28th February 2019
    Lots of people ask me “what is reflexology?”

    Reflexology is a relaxing, safe, non-invasive complimentary therapy that is suitable for the whole family, throughout each stage of life. From baby to later in life, and everyone in between, including pregnancy.

    A reflexologist does not diagnose or cure illness but through the therapy the reflexologist will assist the body's self-healing capability to improve physical and emotional wellbeing and to restore balance and natural harmony within the body.

    It is a holistic, non-invasive and drug free approach to wellbeing.

    Reflexology is based on the theory that every organ and area of the body is mirrored and mapped by a reflex point in the feet. By putting finger and thumb pressure on these points in the feet the reflexologist can observe and facilitate clearing of any blockages in the corresponding areas of the body.
    This can help to:
    👣Improve circulation
    👣Release toxins
    👣Balance hormones and emotions
    👣Reduce pain and inflammation.

    Reflexology should not be used as an alternative to seeking medical advice.

    Reflexology can help to:
    👣Relax the body and mind
    👣Improve sleep
    👣Reduce tension
    👣Improve mood
    👣Increase energy levels

    There are also many other benefits that have been reported.

    During a reflexology treatment, you will be made nice and cosy and comfortable, all I will touch is your feet whilst you relax and switch off from the world (some people sleep) for 50 minutes and wake up feeling a refreshed, energised and positive.

    A treatment is £35 and all you have to do is message me to book 👣

    2nd April 2019

    Everyone feels stress at some point, whether it’s work related, family related or both, money worries or something else but what is stress?

    Stress is designed to cause physical changes in the body to help in threatening or difficult situations.

    The fight or flight response can increase your heart rate and breathing rate, your muscles tense, and you may start to sweat.

    Once the threat or difficulty passes, these physical effects usually fade.

    However, if you're under a lot of stress and you feel like you are constantly under stress, your body stays in a state of high alert and you may develop stress-related symptoms.

    The symptoms of stress may make you:
    ▪️feel overwhelmed
    ▪️feel irritable and "wound up"
    ▪️feel anxious or fearful
    ▪️lack self-esteem
    ▪️constantly worry
    ▪️find it difficult to concentrate

    You may have:
    ▪️muscle tension or pain
    ▪️sleep problems
    ▪️stomach problems
    ▪️bowel problems

    Lots of things can cause stress and we can't always prevent stress, but there are lots of things you can do to manage stress better.

    Look out for my stress reducing tips over this month and of course regular reflexology is a great stress reducer.

    (Source - NHS)

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